Soving Duvet - Twin Size Summer (16oz) 850 Fill

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  • Dimensions: Twin (72"x88") *

The St. Geneve Söving™ Duvet

Fabric & Construction

Söving™ - The Duvet that changes with the seasons. This innovative and patented (US Patent No. 8 978 179) design features a modern take on the the "old school" Channel design, allowing you to shift the down within the channels, from top to bottom, enhanced by a special baffle design between the channels. 

The Söving baffles create a duvet with a Winterside, and a Summerside.  With the Summerside up, the patented breathing zones open and let air circulate to help keep you comfortably cool, with just the right touch of warmth.  With the Winterside up, the breathing zones close and keep you warm and cozy. The Winterside of the Söving duvet has all wide panels, the Summerside has slim panels.

Made with 320 threadcount 100% MicroTencel® Batiste down proof fabric.  This fine German milled fabric is extremely lightweight, strong, yet silky soft.  This fabric is naturally anti microbial and anti bacterial, and is exceptionally "breathable".  Tencel® is also superior to cotton at absorbing and wicking away moisture, which helps to create a more even temperature and comfortable sleeping environment.

This German milled fabric is also OKEO-TEX® certified, your assurance of safe and healthy textiles. Good for you, good for our environment.

Canadian White Goose Down

The Söving Duvet is filled with 850 Fill Power "Clear Lake" Canadian White Goose Down.  This exceptional down comes from free range geese farmed near the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Warmth Levels

  • Summer: For the warmest climates and sleepers.  With the Summerside up, this warmth is equivalent to an "ultra light" duvet.  Use with the Winterside up for more warmth during the colder seasons.
  • Classic: With the Summerside up, this warmth is suitable for year around use, for most people. Use with with the Winterside up for more warmth if necessary when it's colder.


It's easy! Fluff daily, and keep in a duvet cover.

The Söving Duvet should only be washed (or Dry Cleaned if you prefer) if and/or when necessary (excessive washing is hard on the down clusters and strips the down of its natural oils). 

The Söving Duvet comes with a 100% cotton storage bag. 


The St. Geneve Söving duvet is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years. They are not returnable, except for defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our warranty to learn more.

Down Heaven is proud to be an authorized retailer for St. Geneve. Wherever you decide to purchase your St. Geneve down bedding, please be sure to purchase from an authorized retailer. This assures that you will receive a genuine product and that your warranty will be honored.


Zurgard Certified Hypoallergenic DownFinest Down Proof Fabric Made In Germany

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