Lajord Goose Down Pillow - Regular Soft (11oz) - 850 Fill White Goose Down

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Firmness Levels

We generally recommend:
  • Soft: If you sleep on your stomach.
  • Medium: If you sleep on your back.
  • Firm: If you sleep on your side

St. Geneve Lajord Goose Down Pillows, filled with 850 Fill Power Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down.

The Lajord White Goose Down used in these duvets comes from a Hutterite colony in the municipality of Lajord, in the Provence of Saskatchewan, Canada. These farmers take great care in raising free range geese that are more mature (this results in larger goose down "clusters"). The goose down from this colony is the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America and St. Geneve takes their entire production, each year.

The Canadian Hutterite Colonists emigrated to Canada from Europe and the United States many years ago. Hutterite communities, or "colonies" are mainly rural and often entirely self sufficient, specializing in farming and agriculture.

These goose down pillows are machine washable. Covered in a special German made 100% cotton that is also completely dust mite proof. There are no chemical finishes; just pure natural cotton that is specially woven to make it permanently down proof and mite proof even after repeated washings. It carries the symbol for German Quality Assurance and the Oeko-Tex certification of fabric purity.

Wash pillows separately, and only when soiled (Kings & Larger should be washed individually). A good quality machine washable pillow protector (Not included) is strongly recommended. It is much better to repeatedly launder a pillow protector rather than the pillow itself. Too many launderings will eventually reduce the loft of the down.

Zurgard Certified Hypoallergenic Down

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