Choosing Your Duvet

Choose Quality: Your duvet will serve you every day, every week, every month, for decades. There is nothing that you will use so closely and personally that will comfort you so completely.

A high quality duvet will outlast a television, fridge, mattress, stove, and even a car. In terms of actual use, a car will last perhaps around 12,000 hours, a quality duvet around 75,000 (assuming that you take good care of both and there is about 250,000 miles on the car).

Given proper care, a high quality duvet will last for 20, 25, 30 years or more. It will be a pleasure to use each and every night. A cheap low quality duvet will last perhaps 3 years, and will not be a pleasure to use, therefore they are not cheap, just very poor value.

Higher quality duvets will provide a wider comfort range; they will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer than lower quality duvets. This is because higher quality down is better at all the things that down is famous for (such as insulation, lightness, breathability, etc) than lower quality down.

Each of the duvets we offer here start with excellent quality (the Lajord), then just get better (Ziegler, Salzburg & Eiderdown).

Choose your Warmth:

  • Summer: For the warmest climates and sleepers.
  • Classic: Fuller and warmer than the Summer. Perfect for "average" to warm sleepers in warmer climates and heated bedrooms.
  • Winter: For the average sleeper and year around use, in unheated or cooler bedrooms. Guaranteed to be warm enough for 10 years or St. Geneve will add more down at no cost (except for shipping), provided that the duvet has been properly cared for and a duvet cover has been used at all times.
  • Dual Warmth: He's hot, she's not. We can make a duvet with different weights on the two sides, for example; a lightweight on one side, and a regular on the other. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that down cannot be removed from a duvet.

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