Eiderdown Duvet - Queen Size Summer (19oz)

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  • Dimensions: Queen (90"x94") *

The St. Geneve Eiderdown duvet. Unmatched in quality, functional performance and pure luxury.


The St. Geneve Cotton Eiderdown Duvet is made with a 400 Thread-count down proof cotton jacquard, woven in Germany especially for Eiderdown. Piped in white satin cording and hand sewn with a special "sealed baffled box" construction.

These exquisite down-proof fabrics carry the Confidence in Textiles certification, your assurance of safe and healthy textiles. Good for you, good for our environment.

Eider Down

Eiderdown is the softest and lightest down in the world. It is extremely rare, in great demand and highly prized (accounting for it's high price). This eiderdown is never blended with any other type of down.

This eiderdown is gathered by hand from the nests of the Eider Duck in special sanctuaries in Canada. The down is only collected after the Eider Ducks have finished nesting and have continued on their annual migration. The sanctuaries also help to insure that these birds are safe from poaching - a real concern given the value of eiderdown today.

The finest eiderdown tests at approximately 700 fill power. Yet, due to the very tiny "hooks" in the eiderdown cluster it has a phenomenal density and cling and insulates at an amazing 1000+ fill power. If you were to hold a small amount of eiderdown in the palm of your hand you would feel no weight, just a soft growing warmth. 

Eiderdown has a very wide "comfort range", far superior to any other down, keeping you cooler when the temperature is warm and warmer when the temperature is cold.

Warmth Levels

  • Summer: For the warmest climates and sleepers.
  • Classic: Fuller and warmer than the Summer. Perfect for "average" to warm sleepers in warmer climates and heated bedrooms.
  • Winter: For the average sleeper and year around use, in unheated or cooler bedrooms.


Made in Canada by St. Geneve, the Eiderdown Duvets are hand sewn, using a special sealed baffled box construction, guaranteed to keep the down from shifting for the life of the comforter. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is impeccable, resulting in a true heirloom quality duvet suitable to be passed down from generation to generation.

Eiderdown Duvets usually ship within 3-4 weeks.


It's easy! Fluff daily, and keep in a duvet cover.

Your eiderdown duvet should only be washed (or Dry Cleaned if you prefer) if and/or when necessary (excessive washing is hard on the down clusters and strips the down of its natural oils). We recommend that the Silk Eiderdown Duvet be professionally Dry Cleaned.

The bags our eiderdown duvets and pillows come in are meant to be used and are perfect for storing your items in!


The eiderdown duvets are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years. They are not returnable, except for defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our warranty to learn more.

Down Heaven is proud to be an authorized retailer for St. Geneve. Wherever you decide to purchase your St. Geneve eiderdown, please be sure to purchase from an authorized retailer. This assures that you will receive a genuine product and that your warranty will be honored.


Zurgard Certified Hypoallergenic DownFinest Down Proof Fabric Made In Germany

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