Choosing a St. Geneve Goose Down Pillow

A goose down pillow with very high quality goose down fill, such as the pillows offered here, will always feel luxurious, while providing support where needed; adjusting to the shape of your head and neck. The goose down used in theSt. Geneve Lajord, Ziegler and Salzburg pillows offer superior compression (the ability of the down to sink down then spring back up again).


Choose your firmness


Choosing the right firmness for your sleeping style will help keep your neck and spine aligned, allowing your muscles to relax - resulting in a refreshing sleep! You should choose:

  • A Soft Pillow if you sleep on your stomach.
  • A Medium Pillow if you sleep on your back.
  • A Firm Pillow if you sleep on your side, unless you are petite. If you are petite or have small shoulders, a medium may be a better choice.

Please keep in mind that goose down pillows will soften with use and over time. So, for instance, if you are wavering between a Medium or a Soft pillow, you might consider choosing the Medium.


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