Sales Tax

We Do Not Collect Sales Tax for orders shipped to all States, except for Washington State.

For orders shipped to Washington State: Sales Tax is (supposed to be) based on the actual street address where the order will be shipped to (actual rate varies by location - sometimes even next-door neighbors will live in different tax jurisdictions).

The lowest sales tax rate in Washington State is just over 7%. So, for all orders shipped to Washington State we charge 7% and pay the total (actual) amount due to the tax collector.

For example, the sales tax rate in parts of Seattle is 10%. For orders shipped to Seattle, we will charge 7%, and pay the total amount of 10% (for this example) to the State.

Please be aware that your State may require that you report and pay a "Use Tax" for items purchased outside of your State and shipped to you, when you did not pay Sales Tax.


Canadian HST/PST Tax

For our Canadian Customers: We are required to collect the HST tax for all orders shipped from St. Geneve to anywhere within Canada.

Canadian HST Tax will vary based on your State/Province. If you choose to have your order shipped to you directly from St. Geneve, we will contact you after your order is placed and upon your approval will add the appropriate HST/PST tax to your order. We will remit these taxes to St. Geneve and St. Geneve will remit these taxes to the appropriate tax authority in Canada.

If you choose to have us ship to you from our U.S. location, UPS may collect the HST/PST tax, along with any customs/duty fees, upon delivery.

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